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Error induced costs are inherent in any human activity; and unfortunately this will always be the case. The best that can be done about this fact is to detect, correct and limit mistakes; perhaps, even draw important lessons from them. Everyone has at one time or another wondered what unlimited advantages could I have gained if I just stepped back and taken a second look. Could the error have been avoided?
Quality requires attention, task cooperation, well organized duties, as well as structure at all levels of manufacturing. (We apply up to five checks for most “sensitive” operations). In the long term, this system of checks and balances constitutes a limited cost, which barely affects the whole. The payback is infinitely greater when the end result is a safeguarded reputation and the foundation for a long lasting business. In fact, each single step of the process is important, from inspection at material conception, up to installation, user operation and maintenance.
Auditing is the only method to acknowledge and monitor exactly what is being done; to demonstrate those quality parameters to your customer, and to manage proper tracking in the future. Only confirmed proven specialists in the industry can offer total, complete and preventative assistance.
We have done our homework and calculated the cost of mistakes over the years: error costs overshadow the Auditing charges with exponential values. Companies who do not monitor themselves are the more likely to disappear in a short time. Moreover, quality policy has to be treated as independently as possible. This is essential, so as to avoid being both judge and jury. Quality control is a matter that must be considered with earnestness and no-nonsense.
The World-Wide “Quality-Core” Label is a universal seal for controlled quality, encompassing components, processes, machinery and organization. Only tested and certified products from our manufacturing facilities are granted the Quality-Core CSI label.
Quality-core is only appointed to those certified products espousing the best technological standards. The Quality-Core© Label constitutes a recognized value for the public, for customers, and for decision makers.

  • ISO 9001/2000 CERTIFICATION     

The Quality-Core© Label is granted when a firm and its production conform to the following points:

  • Common technological background and parameters.
  • Networking between the various industrial locations.
  • On-Line testing system: daily, weekly, monthly and periodical on-site inspections.
  • Standardized procedures, production documents and laboratory testing methodologies.
  • Safety data sheets, environmentally sustainable procedures and general overview.
  • Selected production control equipment and software, periodical revisions and machine calibration.
  • Surveys and Controls subdivided per job and batch, records and statistics kept with an integrated alert system. Optimized purchase and efficiently planned delivery; no shortages or over-production.
  • Organization and logistics are constantly improved; standardized forms, shop tickets, methodology. • International certificates, agreements, compliance with national and international standards are acquired under the Quality-Core© Label.
  • A personalized level of service for an uncompromised quality.
  • • CSI Auditing services have answered to the requirements of the highly demanding technical counterparts of Partners, Customers and Engineering firms eager to confirm quality and performance of the before specifications.
  • Continuous training and skills development for the professionals of all the operating units.
  • Independent supervision and regular certified controls.
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