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CSI’s philosophy, which translates into both dedication and its scope of intervention, lies in its commitment to constantly improve and genuinely contribute to the rise of a better world.
Indeed, what we do best at CSI is develop new ideas; but we always do so while implementing these values conscientiously. The Megastone emerged from the desire to utilize less natural stone, making it stronger, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. In this way we can offer an alternative to the omnipresent metal finishes, glass facades and concrete surfaces. This is our aesthetic contribution, to create an environmental landscape with an alternative, design gratifying product.
Soon after that we started thinking about how everyone deserves better, cleaner air; and hence the depolluting Ecotec PanelsTM came to be. Next came our SilexglassTM, the modern re-creation of the ancient stone Alabaster. And these innovations are just the beginning. We open-mindedly give reality to our ideas and keep moving ahead with products and applications. Many of these advances are planning-one or two months, testing, prototyping, and validation stages.
We have chosen the scientific basis of the composite technology as the foundation of our work for its proven resource efficiency. It allows to accurately attain the necessary requirements while substantially reducing waste. It is beyond what any other technology can claim. Efficiency is what matters to us, and we go about it very pragmatically.
CSI deals very seriously with the pressing issues of “public” concern. We work diligently to dispense with the use of all dangerous substances, to maintain and optimize a safe and beautiful environment. Our techniques significantly reduce energy consumption, water usage, air pollution and the impact on natural resources. CSI Institute’s R&D researches long-lasting yet competitive solutions with minimal maintenance requirements, to arrive at high value products that are easy to handle, safe and appealing, fire resistant and impervious to earthquakes and explosions.
We truly believe that adhering to ambitious targets and goals is only common sense. Our primary focus has become successfully combining technology, cost and aesthetic value. CSI’s objective of continued product development is met through greater technological awareness and new manufacturing processes. In this way we can reduce the ever to present abuse of resources. This is a constant source for incentives in our R&D expenditures.
Accordingly, our factories are also part of this research as they have grown to be self-sufficient or “energy- positive”; to display efficient use of water and raw materials, to preserve a healthy setting and avoid unsafe products. We deem that if we do not champion these issues, then who will? Does one ever ask similar questions about the product one purchases? The answers would actually be quite surprising.


Laboratories & innovations The “SPIRIT” of CSI:
a) High-Tech at the service of the mankind, and not the other way around.
b) Natural products
c)Conscientious and appropriate use of the resources, or else they won’t last forever.

Having faith in progress and believing in scientific approach means precisely that R&D is to be lead far away from animal testing, unwitting experts, mad doctors, or avid entrepreneurs and not end up with abominations like asbestos, whale killing or mad cows. There is always another way to do things, another path to follow.

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