CSI's Ultra-Light Panels are the ideal solution for all projects requiring large size cladding panels with minimal weight.
Inspired by space and aviation technology, our processes efficiently combine cutting edge know-how with the beauty of natural stone.
Our panels are endowed with exceptional mechanical properties.
CSI panels, reinforced by honeycomb produced in aviation-quality aluminium, preserve the beauty of natural stone while overcoming its fragile and brittle properties.
C.S.I. is an international company having operative branches and collaborators in all the major countries.
Our team gathers specialized engineers in the field of Composites Materials for Construction, Industry and any structural applications.
Since 1980 we do R&D and set industrial proceeding about large marketed products (6 plants have been achieved). Our records and references are confirmed and many applications have been realized throughout creative approaches and use of advanced technical solutions, mainly taking inspiration from aeronautical composites technologies.
During the years, we have been involved in sophisticated Architectural projects.
CSI's skills are to develop composites solutions, working as consultants and engineering firm to design building components, running selective testing, establish international agreements, industrial procedures and feasibility. We handle project management and audits.




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