As human technology progresses we encounter various and ever more complicated structures to protect and shelter people comfortably. Edifices become larger in size and are expected endure more loads and safeguard against harsh conditions and that for longer periods of time.
Simple processing of materials obtained from nature can no longer satisfy these requirements Until now research & development activities have mainly focused on dense solid materials such as steel, concrete and glass.
However, through millions of years of evolution, Mother Nature selected the better performing cellular structure of materials such as in wood and bones. Wood won't brake under strong winds even if it grows up several meters high. Bones could support the structure of the huge bodied dinosaurs weighing several tons, and birds are still not flying with concrete or metal wings...
Aluminum Foam is an ultra-light metal product which is foamed into a sponge mass through the melting of aluminum ingots and the adding of various chemical ingredients.
The inner structure of Aluminum Foam is formed of closed or open cells, depending on the density.
As a consequence AlufoamTM is available in panels or blocks that are ultra-light and display exceptional mechanical properties for stress-resistance, impact-absorption and sound-proofing.
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