A thing 5mm thickness specifically formulated mineral coating are reinforced by non combustible backing panels, just like the MegaStone or AlufoamTM series.
The formulation allows for a high concentration of highly reactive ultrafine Ti-Ox and/or other oxidants. These have the spectacular characteristic of breaking down ambient polluting agents without being themselves consumed.
Smog with its smoke and harmful dust is transformed into a "natural" inert powder, as the reaction is activated by UV solar rays (or artificial lighting). The result is the formation of a non reactive and non volatile powder as well as the creation with the H2O and CO2.
The precipitate generated through this catalytic reaction is them simply washed away by rain or periodic cleaning, acting as common soil component, and leaving the remaining surfaces clean. The process will repeat itself for the life of the building.
Ecotec PanelsTM can be made in very large sizes and in various colors, textures and finishes according to design requirements. These are perfectly suitable as a substitute for heavy concrete elements, GRC items or mineral cladding panels. Not only is their price competitive, but they also withstand any weather condition, last longer than glass or concrete surfaces, but above all substantially improve the air quality of the surrounding environment.
Our pragmatic entrepreneurship and keen awareness of the environmental costs set us "naturally" on this challenging course of action: to develop and engineer optimal industrial processes.
CSI's ultimate goal has been to market unsurpassed products, accompanied by competitive pricing, for the use and enjoyment of an every broadening public domain.
Research remains ongoing and constant. Special components capable of continuously changing their physical state (liquid to solid and vice versa) are leading a new generation of intensely efficient, performance driven thermal insulation systems. We at CSI see broad opportunities for developing partnerships on the path to satisfy the worldwide construction market.
Construction is a complex and articulated arena that counts for more than 60% of human activity. Therefore, if a good idea can assist even slightly in achieving better living conditions, this should be shared with all those holding the same vision.
Our point of view is that business and development are not opposed to ethics and values.
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