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On Design machineries and Plants
CSI Machinery, Plant Design & Engineering

With over 40 years experience and two dozen plants world-wide, productivity and performance had increased exponentially through the utilization of new patented machinery. This has afforded each facility improvements in quality standards; simplification of processes, which in turn cut costs differentials. This production cycle has resulted in achieving ‘break-even’ costs in short time frames.Our facilities provide over 64,000 square feet of product production per year. The tenets of CSI’s philosophy can be found in the term “kaizen”. This is an analytical approach to management improvement. An approach based on learning from the evaluation of past experiences. It is a philosophy of positive change, that every process can be and should be continually improved. This involves direct feed-back from our technicians and operators, and calls for the latest hardware/software systems, electronic production and monitoring technologies. As each factory reaches its potential, CSI will exert further new process solutions such as fully automated production with robotic stations. Mastering the equilibrium between investment and cost efficiency is pivotal to our success. CSI-Engineering has perfected this balance. In doing so, the space distribution, relevant logistics and overall methodology of quality control in all such production units has been achieved.

Mining special material
CSI Industries - Minerals

Acquiring and maintaining the best and most appropriate components to ensure reliable, high quality products entails acute and reciprocal cooperation with raw materials suppliers.
These suppliers are our co-workers, functioning with us to meet our goals. We are a true partnership. Starting off with base product and technology parameters, we conduct constant studies, research and testing to insure the most economical balance between uncompromised quality at the right cost.
Supervising all the processes, from technology and equipment and through to production through to on-site assistance, we have achieved our goals. We possess a complementary and efficient system dedicated to supplying constant top quality for the best value.
We have also formulated special mineral adhesives to comply with the ever demanding fire- resistant codes. We test all materials, conduct testing and closely integrate the right components to adhere to production times and operational flow. Our goal is to maintain the client’s freedom to make choices regarding materials necessary for his project. Our task is to offer him the best components at the best price. This formula will prove profitable to all participants.​

tested solutions
CSI R&D Labs -
Innovative Materials

CSI’s philosophy, which translates into both dedication and its scope of intervention, lies in its commitment to constantly improve and genuinely contribute to the rise of a better world.
Indeed, what we do best at CSI is develop new ideas; but we always do so while implementing these values conscientiously. The Megastone emerged from the desire to utilize less natural stone, making it stronger, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. In this way we can offer an alternative to the omnipresent metal finishes, glass facades and concrete surfaces. This is our aesthetic contribution, to create an environmental landscape with an alternative, design gratifying product.
Soon after that we started thinking about how everyone deserves better, cleaner air; and hence the depolluting Ecotec PanelsTM came to be. Next came our SilexglassTM, the modern re-creation of the ancient stone Alabaster. And these innovations are just the beginning. We open-mindedly give reality to our ideas and keep moving ahead with products and applications. Many of these advances are planning-one or two months, testing, prototyping, and validation stages.
We have chosen the scientific basis of the composite technology as the foundation of our work for its proven resource efficiency. It allows to accurately attain the necessary requirements while substantially reducing waste. It is beyond what any other technology can claim. Efficiency is what matters to us, and we go about it very pragmatically.
CSI deals very seriously with the pressing issues of “public” concern. We work diligently to dispense with the use of all dangerous substances, to maintain and optimize a safe and beautiful environment. Our techniques significantly reduce energy consumption, water usage, air pollution and the impact on natural resources. CSI Institute’s R&D researches long-lasting yet competitive solutions with minimal maintenance requirements, to arrive at high value products that are easy to handle, safe and appealing, fire resistant and impervious to earthquakes and explosions.
We truly believe that adhering to ambitious targets and goals is only common sense. Our primary focus has become successfully combining technology, cost and aesthetic value. CSI’s objective of continued product development is met through greater technological awareness and new manufacturing processes. In this way we can reduce the ever to present abuse of resources. This is a constant source for incentives in our R&D expenditures.
Accordingly, our factories are also part of this research as they have grown to be self-sufficient or “energy- positive”; to display efficient use of water and raw materials, to preserve a healthy setting and avoid unsafe products. We deem that if we do not champion these issues, then who will? Does one ever ask similar questions about the product one purchases? The answers would actually be quite surprising.

nautical and aeronautical
Quality Core

Error induced costs are inherent in any human activity; and unfortunately this will always be the case. The best that can be done about this fact is to detect, correct and limit mistakes; perhaps, even draw important lessons from them. Everyone has at one time or another wondered what unlimited advantages could I have gained if I just stepped back and taken a second look. Could the error have been avoided?
Quality requires attention, task cooperation, well organized duties, as well as structure at all levels of manufacturing. (We apply up to five checks for most “sensitive” operations). In the long term, this system of checks and balances constitutes a limited cost, which barely affects the whole. The payback is infinitely greater when the end result is a safeguarded reputation and the foundation for a long lasting business. In fact, each single step of the process is important, from inspection at material conception, up to installation, user operation and maintenance.
Auditing is the only method to acknowledge and monitor exactly what is being done; to demonstrate those quality parameters to your customer, and to manage proper tracking in the future. Only confirmed proven specialists in the industry can offer total, complete and preventative assistance.
We have done our homework and calculated the cost of mistakes over the years: error costs overshadow the Auditing charges with exponential values. Companies who do not monitor themselves are the more likely to disappear in a short time. Moreover, quality policy has to be treated as independently as possible. This is essential, so as to avoid being both judge and jury. Quality control is a matter that must be considered with earnestness and no-nonsense.
The World-Wide “Quality-Core” Label is a universal seal for controlled quality, encompassing components, processes, machinery and organization. Only tested and certified products from our manufacturing facilities are granted the Quality-Core CSI label.
Quality-core is only appointed to those certified products espousing the best technological standards. The Quality-Core© Label constitutes a recognized value for the public, for customers, and for decision makers.​


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