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sintered stone photovoltaic
curved sintered in tunnels
Openings anti shattered
honeycomb and stainless mirrored steel

MegaKer® continuously researches & develops new solutions for healthier and better living.
MegaKer® is a new versatile concept for large enhanced active SINTERED STONE panels for exterior and interior applications.

Our technical products gather the best innovative performances:

  • High strength (wind-load, impact resistance, fire resistance, shearing at the highest levels).

  • Lightweight (from 2 lb./sf).

  • Large sizes and thinner than any other similar product (up to 60” x 126” only 9/16” thick).

  • Easy to use on your designs, to handle and to install, a large range of solutions are available for any application (vast technical library and personalized service for qualified professionals).

  • Long lasting life cycle without variations and aging, UV resistant.

  • Excellent Mineral finish and always natural looking (plastic and organic free).

  • Scratch resistance and Anti-graffiti.

  • High acoustical insulation and noise barrier.

  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistant. Excellent for use in hospital’s and cleaning room environments.

  • High surface hardness (only diamond is harder).

  • Mechanically reinforced and suitable against hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions, bullet resistance and impact building protection (anti-shattering, cannot collapse).

  • Non-combustible and standing at large range of temperatures from - 40 °C up to 240 °C; surface resist to 1200 °C and thermal shocks.

  • Economical and lightweight so that they can be shipped anywhere, LEED’s compliant criteria, poor carbon prints values.

  • Same material is viable for all uses: Architectural, transportation facilities, aeronautical, naval, tunnels, facades, kitchens, bathrooms, elevator interiors, clean rooms, excellent alternative to other less resistant materials: wood, metal panels, plastics, cement composites, glass, tiles, etc. 

  • Both for new construction and renovation.


Our MegaKer® panels are also available with the following additional characteristics:

  • Self-cleaning.

  • Depolluting and sanitizing against many harmful organic substances and microorganisms.

  • Antibacterial permanent action (100% efficacy towards most of them).

  • Air cleaner, destroys microbes.

  • Supports thin film photovoltaic cells to help produce and re-sell your own green energy.


MegaKer® is at your service to introduce you to new applications of photochemistry. The natural genesis of the newest generation of large size porcelain-zirconium panels; merging with the finest materials of aluminum honeycomb and the new patented aluminum foam core makes the framework of the MegaKer® panels.

The marriage of nature and technology provides inspiration to MegaKer® . 
What we call naturtech attitude is a real way to live and work in todays environment.

The simple idea has been to implement the photo catalyst phenomenon with pure mineral components, free from chemicals, which we call “Earthly Panels.”
The other natural component is the human genius and its technological advancements.

The latest composite materials developed by MegaKer® are specifically about the deepest understanding of metals hidden properties and aluminum transformations.
This leads us to find the way to save weight, energy, quantities of raw materials,  waste, transportation and installing costs while increasing strength, efficiency and durability.

The primary goal is to optimize performance and offer the highest quality products and to promote long lasting applications that perform longer than any comparative products.

MegaKer® products are all designed to be of the highest quality for clients looking for the most attractive pricing and longest lifecycle of materials.

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