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Our Manifesto


Morality, Ethics, Honesty, Loyalty, Commitment, Trust, and Sincerity are perhaps considered old-fashioned principles that are not as widely appreciated in today's modern business world.

We firmly believe that competency, passion, and commitment are at the core of self-esteem and are crucial in all our activities.

We are not mere zealots, but rather careful, attentive, and proactive. There's no need to teach lessons; instead, everyone should respect each other, and together, we can always find solutions.

Our entire group is composed of people, not money. Since the inception of our first endeavor in 1988, our people have been pursuing these ideals. Our management has remained unchanged across all continents.

Our constant guiding star is the desire to improve and surpass ourselves. We achieve this through sacrifices, yet without compromising our principles.

We take pride in having successfully overcome numerous challenges, tough times, and a changing world. We've established lasting friendships, consistently maintained our direction, embraced the consequences, and find satisfaction in our accomplishments.

Our approach may not align with shareholders' desires, but as we have none, we enjoy the freedom of being a self-financing group. This choice may not make us the largest, but it certainly makes us the most accomplished. Our goals revolve around conducting fair business with everyone, repeatedly.

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